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FAQ with the Medical Director


Q1. How does the repeal of the NYS state of emergency effect the nursing home?

A.   Little effect on the facility. We still have to adhere to the mask mandate, social distancing and visitation policies.

Q2. As a new admission, does my family member need to quarantine?

A.  If the resident is fully vaccinated then they do not have to quarantine. If the resident is not vaccinated, they must quarantine for 14days.

Q3. If a resident is vaccinated, can they still get COVID-19?

A.   Yes, you can still get COVID even if you are vaccinated, however, the likelihood of severe illness and death are much less of an issue.

Q4. Does my loved one have to go to the hospital if they are COVID+?

A.   Many patients can be managed outside the hospital environment. This facility is capable of delivering supplemental oxygen; IV antibodies
and IV hydration amongst other treatments.

Q5. Is it possible to contract COVID more than once?

A.   Yes it is possible but less likely.

Q6. Is it a problem if my family member is not vaccinated?

A.   Unvaccinated residents and visitors will need regular testing and they are not allowed to touch and must stay 6 feet apart during visits.